Genuine Gold Leaf
  • Color: 24k – 6k (as color board)
  • Gold Leaf Booklet
  • Size: 80 x 80 mm, 85 x 85 mm, 100 x 100 mm

Gold Leaf Coverage Information Table:

Gold Leaf Size Required Gold Leaf for 1 m2 (flat surfaces)
50 x 50 mm 460 Leaves
80 x 80 mm 180 Leaves
85 x 85 mm 160 Leaves
90 x 90 mm 140 Leaves
91,5 x 91,5 mm 137 Leaves
93 x 93 mm 133 Leaves
100 x 100 mm 120 Leaves

Loose booklet Gold Leaf

The leaves are placed in paper booklets, loosely inlaid in 25 compartments, one for each leaf. To cut the leaf, one may take it from the booklet with the gilding knife and place it on the gilding cushion or drop it directly from the booklet onto the gilding cushion. Then, pick up the leaf with the gilder’s tip and place it onto the prepared surface. 


Transfer booklet (Transfer (Patent)) Gold Leaf

The individual gold leaves are pressed onto a tissue paper. One uses patent gold, also called tempest gold, when gilding outdoors. The tissue paper is larger than the gold leaf, thus it may be more easily handled. It is also possible to cut the patent leaves into desired shapes/forms with scissors. The leaves are placed onto the prepared surface and carefully rubbed with cotton wool. The tissue paper may then be removed as the gold leaf will adhere to the surface/object.

Patent(Transfer) Gold Leaf

The patent gold leaf, also referred to transfer gold leaf, is gold leaf mounted on a special tissue paper by a pressure process. A book of patent gold leaf is assembled by placing each unit of gold leaf between sheets of thin rouged paper. The gilder can then remove one leaf a time without disturbing the remaining leaves. It is used for sign work and for gilding outdoors or on ceilings and walls where the patent leaf would be far too difficult to handle). patent Packing: 25 sheets / booklet, 20 booklets / box Gold leaf pack with inner paper (loose sheet interleaved) Size: 9.33 x 9.33 cm Packing: 500 sheets / pack packages

Genuine Gold Powder & Gold Scrap

Gold Powders & Scrap in Art and design Gold powder has predominately been most popular and most common in its use as a gilding material for decorations such as status or picture frames. Gold powder is simply gold in container. These powders of gold are usually used for decorations of ornaments and building parts. gold-dust2 Gold Powder Information: Synonyms: Gold Powder, Pure Gold Powder, Fine Gold Purity: 99.995% – Very High Purity CAS: 7440-57-5 Formula Weight: 196.966 Chemical Formula: Au Particle Size: Max: 400 microns (0.016 inch) Bottle Size: 1.15 inches tall 1 Gram Volume: just under 1/8 teaspoon of pure gold powder 5 Gram Volume: about 1/4 teaspoon of pure gold powder Packing: 5 g / bottle, 10 g / bottle, 20 g / bottle

Genuine Gold Roll

Gold leaf can be supplied in roll format in a continuous ribbon on tissue paper. These rolls are 20 m in length and available up to 100 mm wide. Rolls are available as 22 ct or 23.5 ct.

gold-roll gold-roll-2 roll

Standard stock sizes are 5 mm, 15 mm, 20 mm, 25 mm. Please refer to color swatch on gold leaf booklets.

Gold Leaf Palette: